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    2. Made in Italy

      A premium series about the birth of Italian fashion in the 70s.

      Made in Italy follows the story of Irene (Greta Ferro), a daughter of
      Southern Italian immigrants, who applies for a job position at the
      fashion magazine Appeal in order to finance her college studies.
      Soon enough, she moves up the ladder of success at the magazine.
      As Milan’s fashion industry evolves, her life will also undergo radical
      changes. She will meet many young designers taking their first steps,
      on the verge of exploding onto the international market as the spotlight
      of the fashion world is about to shift from French haute couture
      to Italian pret-a-porter.

      Some of fashion’s biggest names such as Albini, Curiel, Krizia,
      Missoni, Valentino, and many others who dominated the world of
      1970’s fashion, have opened up their archives to lend breath-taking
      articles of clothing and accessories to the production.



      Genre: Drama /Comedy
      Format: 8x1h
      Producers: Taodue Film, The Family
      Original Broadcasters: Canale 5, Amazon Italy
      Country: Italy
      Year of production: 2019
      Status: Available