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    2. The Break

      On March 17th 2014, the body of nineteen-year-old Driss M’boma, a footballer with Heiderfeld football club (D3A) is pulled out of the river Semois, a stone’s throw from Heiderfeld, a small town of a few thousand inhabitants in the Belgian Ardennes.
      The investigation is led by Inspector Yoann Peeters, who has recently moved there after a domestic tragedy, accompanied by Sébastian Drummer, an idealistic and inexperienced young police officer.

      Peeters will find himself confronted with a real conundrum, where one person’s guilt does not mean that others are not responsible.

      Best French Speaking Series at Series Mania 2016.
      Now 2 seasons.



      Genre: Crime Drama
      Format: 20×52’
      Producers: HELICOTRONC & RTBF
      Original broadcaster: RTBF
      International broadcasters: France Télévisions, RTS, Netflix, Sky Deutschland, Polyband Medien, Ale Kino+, Proximus, AMC Iberia, NC+
      Year of production
      Status:?20 hours available now
      International sales:FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT (Worldwide rights)
      Best French Speaking Series at Series Mania 2016