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    2. They Were Ten

      The first contemporary adaptation of Agatha Christie’s masterpiece, the best-selling crime novel of all time

      Ten people, five women, five men, are invited to a luxury hotel on a deserted tropical island. They soon realize they are completely isolated, cut
      off from the rest of the word and all means of communication, which rapidly becomes their worst nightmare.

      Why were they lured into this morbid trap? The answer lies hidden in their past, shameful events that they each tried carefully to bury. Today, under
      the hot island sun, they have begun to pay. In the end, there will be none left. One by one, they will be killed off… posing the ultimate question:
      who’s the murderer?

      They Were Ten is directed by acclaimed directed Pascal Laugier, well known for his hit thrillers The Secret with Jessica Biel, and Ghostland, the best-exported
      French movie in 2018, released in 55 countries.


      Genre: Psychological thriller
      Format: 6x1h
      Producers: Escazal Films
      Original Broadcaster: M6
      Language: French
      Country: France
      Year of production: 2019-2020
      Status: In post-production
      International sales: FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT